EAARP Executive Committee meets with KNRA

10/5/2023 – The EAARP Executive Committee, composed of esteemed members, held a highly anticipated meeting with the Director-General of the Kenya Nuclear Regulatory Authority (KNRA). The primary objective of this meeting was to delve into potential areas of collaboration and engagement that would effectively champion the safe and responsible utilization of nuclear technologies within Kenya. Discussions revolved around various aspects, including regulatory frameworks, safety protocols, research and development initiatives, and the overall promotion of sustainable practices in the nuclear sector. This proactive engagement highlights the commitment of both EAARP and KNRA in fostering a secure and sustainable future for nuclear technology in Kenya.

EAARP’s unwavering commitment to the safe use of Nuclear Technology remains steadfast as we recognize the vital role it plays in driving societal progress. With a forward-looking approach, we are dedicated to engaging all stakeholders in our pursuit of a safer and more sustainable future. By fostering open dialogue, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, we aim to create an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives and expertise can contribute to the advancement of nuclear technology. Together, we can harness its immense potential while prioritizing safety, ensuring the well-being of our society, and leaving a positive impact for generations to come.

EAARP Chair Queenter Osoro with the DG KNRA James Keter Chumba

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